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Senior Services

Are you a senior or have a loved one who is having difficulty managing their property?  Sea To It has a soft spot for seniors who want to remain in their homes and not move to outside facilities. Sea To It will create and manage a custom maintenance plan for the senior property owner. Each month we visit the property to inspect, maintain, and perform routine repairs. By regularly visiting the property we head off problems through maintenance and small repairs before problems escalate into major repairs. We will coordinate and manage outside services such as landscaping, cleaning, and pest control.
Sea To It understands that the decision to move a loved one out of their home involves more than just solving property management issues. However we want you to know that we can be your property manager, relieving you of that responsibility so you can concentrate on other needs such as medical care and general care-taking.
 Senior Services
"Sea To IT Property Management" offers senior citizen services
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